Adult Dentistry – Why It Should Be a Priority

Going to the dentist as an adult somehow always ends up on the bottom of the to-do list. Getting your teeth checked amid a hectic work schedule, busy family life, and the pull of financial obligations doesn’t feel important—until emergencies happen. Read on to understand why checking teeth is as important as checking physical health.

Dentists working on adult teeth versus child teeth face two very different possible problems, causes and treatments. Adults generally face wisdom tooth extraction, whitening procedures, fractured or fragmented teeth and orthodontic treatment. In between these important visits there should be cleanings, meant to thoroughly remove all tartar, plaque and surface stains from the teeth.

Similar to regular physical check-ups, regular dental visits are important because they can help uncover dental health problems early on, while treatment is simpler and more affordable. It also may prevent problems developing to begin with, like gum disease for example. Some medical and dental conditions show symptoms inside the mouth, so seeing a dentist regularly can help address potential health-related risks happening within the mouth.

For some, scheduling a dentist appointment is easy, while for other’s it’s committing and showing up to the appointment that’s hard. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to visiting the doctor. Some people need to have a doctor visit twice a year while others may need to go more frequently. Everyone’s teeth are unique, and therefore treatment options are unique as well.

Dental check-ups are also similar to doctor’s examinations in that the dentist or hygienist will ask for your recent medical history, as well as take X-rays of your teeth. Depending on your X-rays, the dentist may check your teeth for gum disease using a special tool. They will evaluate your overall dental and gum health and may conduct an oral cancer screening by holding your tongue down with gauze, checking your tongue and mouth, then feeling your neck and jawline. Depending on your treatment plan they may conduct a standard dental cleaning, or talk with you about your dental treatment options.

Seeing the dentist as an adult doesn’t have to feel like a hurdle. Regular check-ups can prevent potential problems that may arise in the future, and lessen the chances of complicated and expensive future procedures. Talk to your Anchorage dentist today, for your dental evaluation today

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