Advantages of Having a Fitness Friend

Fitness Buddy

It’s rainy outside. Due to last walking session, your shoes are still wet. You surely should just go out and exercise, but there’s somewhat good on TV. Maybe later…

Sound familiar?

Now try this situation: It’s raining outdoor. Your shoes are wet and you don’t surely feel like going for a walk, but your cell phone is integrate with a message from your friend that says she’s already come out the house and she’ll meet you at the track. You know it’s time to go, or she’ll give you a hard time for dropping her. So, you take your wet shoes and head off for a power walking session. Later, you feel good. You always feel good later; it’s the beginning started part that’s hard.

Fitness Buddy

That’s why it’s so helpful to have somebody else to exercise with on a regular basis. There’s no category of fitness routine that can’t benefit from having a fitness friend. If it’s weightlifting, your friend can spot you. If it’s climbing, she can hold you when you slip and start bowling down the mountain (maybe climbing isn’t the safest fitness action).

Whatever your option of fitness outlets, a workout friend can not only train you harder than you would yourself, but they can really get you out the door. Never underestimate the energy of social duties.

OK, so you’re traded on the idea of a fitness friend. But needed one can be easier than result one. Your regular friends might not be into capability, or they’re the kind of persons who start roughly with good intentions and slowly slack off. It’s important to find somebody who is more dedicated to fitness than you are. Here are some ideas:

-Ask a friend, or get if a friend of a friend is seeing for somebody.
-If you belong to a gym or fitness club, see if there is a report board out front where you can post needs.
-Join an exercise class or take some sports instructions; you might find an attracted person or two.
-Visit fitness web sites, specially related to your interests; there may be a message board where you can see for activity partners.

Whatever way you choose, don’t be scared to initiate actions by starting up discussions with people or starting new threads on message boards. You might be shocked at how much people are also looking for regular workout partners.

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