Blending Research Chemicals with Tobacco Leads to Lung Cancer

Research Chemicals

Having an ever growing popularity of research chemicals being given the permission to be bought and sold on the net, they have been now getting into the wrong hands along with getting into uneducated hands. A majority of people must have heard of hookah, but do you actually know what it is or what kinds of effects it would have in your body when it is ingested? A hookah has been actually known by various kinds of names such as narghile, goza and shisha, just to name some. In addition, in order to put an end to the unexplained questions; it would not be considered safe to take part in hookah smoking than it would be to smoke general cigarette tobacco.

Research Chemicals

When someone makes use of a hookah, they would be actually heating the special tobacco. The smoke would then go through the water into a tube and then it would be inhaled. It has been highly misunderstood that water would actually filter the smoke from the tobacco. Contrary to popular belief, it is not true at all. The water would not filter any toxins present in the tobacco smoke passing through water. However, on popular demand, people have started purchasing various kinds of research chemicals. These would be used to mix them with their already potent tobacco, which would be used in the hookah pipe that would make a concoction. It has not been tested for safety at all. It has been basically thrown together to be taken as a test. In case, it fails, it would fail.

There have been various kinds of ongoing research about hookah smoking and the water itself. However, with various new combinations being made on regular basis, there would be no guarantee that the results would stay for long. It has been proven that hookah smoke comprises extremely high levels of toxins. These would be inclusive of carbon monoxide, heavy metals and tar. Similar to cigarette smoking, it has been proven that by the mixing of these research chemicals into the tobacco and then being smoked in a hookah pipe, the risk of suffering from lung or oral cancer would be significantly higher. In other words, people smoking hookah having research chemicals would be more vulnerable to oral and lung cancer.

Lastly, the addiction cannot be ruled out with cigarette tobacco, as the actual act of smoking would give you almost similar amount of nicotine as a cigarette.

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