Comparing Trenorol Vs. Trenbolone


Trenorol vs. Trenbolone, which is better? Why do some people say its Trenolol and why do some people say Trenbolone? But is there really a comparison? Both drugs are anabolic steroids but what sets these drugs apart are its availability, safe of use, ideal for human use, and credible drug manufacturers.

Why people compare these drugs to one another is a question that people ponder why it’s even a question. But in case you are wondering this article is for you to answer your questions and remove all those doubts that you have on both drugs and help you decide which drug to use.

Trenorol: is this alternative, the breathe of fresh air that bodybuilders are waiting for. Finally a drug that is safe for human use and not a controlled substance, if potency is what you’re worried about, you will be glad to know that this drug is as potent as its controlled counterparts are. This answered the question if will there be a steroid made and safe for human use? This is the answer right here.

Trenbolone: is an older drug, a vet grade drug that are used for horses and the like that people discovered to be a very potent and effective drug for bodybuilding. So what does this mean? It means it’s not meant and created for human consumption and the only way that people got their hands on this drug is thru questionable sources that shouldn’t distribute this drug in the first place.

Question: So if you’re question which is better, both are if you look at results. And the only way this can vary is thru subjective feedback, but if your question is safety you know what drug you need to choose. And the safer ones are always the highly recommended ones for the reason that it’s safe, you still do get the side effects for long term use but not as prominent as the controlled ones.

The notion: It doesn’t mean it’s safer that it’s not dangerous; it still is especially when taken on higher doses and long term use. But what it means is longer use of the drug but you should know better to not abuse it. After all a drug is a drug and even a simple cold medicine can be dangerous if taken on high doses. Remember if it’s not natural there are unwanted side effects that you need to watch out for.

These 2 drugs have been compared and matched over and over again, but do we still need to? Think about it. So the next time that people will argue about it, tell them. Because a gym is better if it’s quiet and no one’s fighting over it. But always keep in mind that even if one drug is safer than other it’s still dangerous especially when taken for a long period of time and in high doses that causes your target organs to malfunction. These organs include the heart, the kidney, and the liver. The aim of bodybuilding is to get buff safely, because body building with abuse is not healthy.

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