How is Tens Unit for Pain Administered

TENS Unit for Pain

When the patient complains of severe discomfiture in the body, the doctor tries to alleviate the pain. This device is used to help patients who have back problems, sciatica, knee pain, neuropathy and any kind of nerve or muscle pain. While medication is administered orally or intravenously, passing the TENS device under the skin of the patient via electrodes is adopted in this method. What does the doctor do? How does the patient administer the TENS Units for Pain by oneself?

Primary use in hospitals and health care centers

Many patients land up in the hospital when they face prolonged pain. A few TENS Units for pain are used only in the healthcare facilities. Some are for home use by the patient. The pulses have the ability to control the pain signals that are sent to the brain. The usage of the unit may provide temporary relief to the patient. When the pain travels from the affected area to the brain, the nerves get excited and are tangled. The electrodes that are operated on the affected areas control the pain center. They stop the pain from reaching the brain. When the medical case is severe, a doctor administers it to the patient until relief is apparent. Patients who suffer from tendonitis, injuries, bursitis, and arthritis, have under gone surgery, headaches or severe migraines may be given this treatment in the medical center.

TENS Unit for Pain

However, for immediate relief, often patients buy the device. It is also available online. There are many models that can be chosen from.

Administration at home

The electrodes that come with the device are stuck as patches with gel on the affected areas. Once they are secure, the adjusted controllers are used. The unit is operated by a battery power. Low voltage currents start to pass through the body. The electrode patches or pads run through those nerves that are painful. The current ranges from 10HZ to 50Hz. The device can be used for 15 minutes at a stretch. It can be used as and when required. The TENS Units for pain is pretty easy to operate, once the patient understands how it works.

Why ask doctor first?

Some patients may have defibrillators, pacemakers, pumps, or stents. Should electrodes be passing through these areas? Such people may not be able to use the TENS Unit. Furthermore, the results vary from person to person. It also depends on the pain and what other medical conditions a patient might have. The relief may be for sometime or for a longer period, depending on the patient. The device has been designed to help the body to release the natural, chemical endorphins. Normally, oral medication is powerful and is capable of creating toxins and also has side effects. On the other hand, this method is administered outside and does not harm the inside of the body. It is external and effective. But the intensity of any treatment will eventually be responsible for recovery. It also has no known side effect and hence, the doctors perceive it as a safe bet.

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