How Much Testosterone to Inject Per Week by Every Type of User?


Testosterone is one of the hormones present in male human body and it is the responsible to perform the sexual activities. Some of the results have suggested that women are also capable to produce the same testosterone hormone and however, the level of production is comparatively low when compared to male. This hormone is being classified under the anabolic kind of steroids and it is being produced within the adrenal glands. The pituitary glands in human body would help in controlling out the production and limit the level of testosterone hormone secretion. The communication would be done through means of chemical bonding and types of hormones being present in the blood stream. The primary goal of this hormone helps to improvise the male sex organs during the regular interval of time. Some of the development being achieved by this hormone and they are voice deepening, improved or increased size of penis, and hair in human body. At the same time, it is the mere responsible for the production of sperm and red cell content inside human body. By this way, men would also able to improvise the muscle growth and strengthening at the same time. Some of the people are also facing lower amount of testosterone being secreted in the body and this leads to some other problems like lower sex drive, low level of sperm count, and loss over the muscle growth or strength.

How To Make Use Of The Testosterone Medicine?

There are also some of the steroids available in the market helps in improving the growth of the testosterone hormones. Also, it is very important that how much amount of dosage need to be taken by the people. They will be asking how much testosterone to inject per week period of time. It would differ from one person to another person and this is because of the amount of testosterone is required by each individual. Based on the dosages, the side effects would also vary. By injecting this steroid, people would get more amount of testosterone hormone to be generated at the same period of time. Athletes will be using this medicine to increase the level of stamina and muscle growth to a considerably higher levels and it is able to with stand until the competition gets over. Testo-Max is the type of steroid being used in the market to increase this hormone level in an artificial way.

Dosage Level Of Three Different Types Of Testosterone:

With regards to the injection level or in taking level of testosterone are that ranges between 200 and 2000 mcg. The frequency and dosage would vary based on only with the lasting period of strength and stamina at a particular period of time. In the market, there are three different types of testosterone are used and they are: enanthate, propionate, and cypionate. Enanthate would make people to get the results within 4 to 5 days period of time. However, we need to inject twice in a week. Propionate and cypionate would provide the results in two days and we need to inject on every other day basis in a week.

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