How Turning to E-cigarettes Can Help Promote Better Dental Health


It all started with curiosity. Your friends were puffing this stick, and you wondered how it tasted and how it would feel like if you do it yourself. One cigarette was all it took for you to get hooked, and now you’re already a full-fledged smoker, consuming packs of cigarettes a day.

As time goes by, however, you realise that smoking is slowly taking its toll on your body, especially on your teeth and the rest of your oral cavity. Then you figured, you don’t want to spend the next few years trying to hide your smile or your teeth because they’re already destroyed by smoke.


Good thing is, you have a new and better option—e-cigarettes in Australia. So, how can these revolutionary products benefit your dental health?

They help keep teeth discolouration at bay.

Teeth discolouration is one of the worst effects of cigarette smoking, and you surely wouldn’t want that to hide behind stained teeth, right? Aside from destroying your oral cavity, having discoloured teeth will also affect your self-confidence greatly because you’ll be more afraid to deal with people thinking that they’ll judge how you’ll look. Switching to e-cigarettes will help protect your teeth from the nasty yellow stains, so you can show off your beautiful smile without worrying anything.

They help prevent several dental conditions.

Cigarettes are known to contain different types of chemicals and substances that are harmful to your body, especially your oral cavity. Tar and ash, for instance, are two of the biggest causative factors for plaque build-up, gum-related infections and even oral cancers. So, instead of putting yourself at risk of these dental conditions just to get the satisfaction of smoking, you can switch to e-cigarettes that will still let you enjoy the puffing sans the harmful chemicals.

They help prevent tooth loss.

Study shows that men who smoke traditional cigarettes lose on average three teeth every ten years. And while tooth loss is inevitable with age, the rate doubles for those who smoke. Now, if you don’t want to experience losing a tooth or more quickly as you age, it would be good to switch to e-cigarettes that don’t contain the same destructive chemicals that traditional cigarettes have.

They help you stay away from bad breath.

We all know how bad breath or halitosis can be a big turn-off to just about anyone, don’t we? Whether you’re talking to friends or your loved ones, even the slightest odour in your mouth can already cause a reaction, and it could even destroy relationships if not addressed right away. So before it’s too late, why don’t you switch to e-cigarettes that are free of the substances that cause bad breath?

In the end, e-cigarettes provide a much healthier alternative to traditional smoking, keeping you from the guilt of enjoying something that’ll eventually destroy your body. So, if you’ve been planning to switch to e-cigarettes, why not do it now? You’ll surely be amazed at how these revolutionary products will benefit you.

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