Respite Care Allows Caregivers a Deep Breathe


Taking care of an elderly loved one can be a lot of work. If you are the primary caregiver there may be times when you experience burn out, during these times respite care may be the best choice. It is important for caregivers to get a break so that they can rejuvenate and better help their love one. After all, if you are not healthy then you are not in any shape to help someone else. The good news is that you will not need to abandon your loved one to get the help you need. This is the perfect situation for respite care.


What Does Respite Care Mean?

Most people are not sure what respite care means or think that it has something to do with hospice care, however, respite care is a completely different option. Respite care actually is a short term stay at a senior community. It is frequently used to give a caregiver a break so that the senior still has around the clock care. For example, if you need to have a medical procedure performed or need to travel and cannot take care of your loved one, they could stay at a senior community for up to a month. This would be classified as respite care and is a great way to take a step back when you need to without sacrificing the care of your loved one or placing them into a permanent new home.

What Types of Services are Included In Respite Care?

One of the perks of respite care is that your loved one will receive the same level of care that anyone else at the senior community receives. This means that they will receive/be able to access all of the services and amenities that long term residents can. These services can vary by nursing home or senior community but they usually include things such as three meals daily, 24 supervision, housekeeping, laundry service, medication management, personal care assistance for bathing, toileting, etc. and transportation to medical appointments.

Additionally, respite care for seniors in Jackson NJ usually has benefits for the seniors that take a break from their caregiver as well. Many seniors enjoy the chance to interact and socialize with others that have similar experiences to their own at the home. They also enjoy spending time in the new environment and taking part in activities offered at the center that they may not have access to at home.

A Great Way to Trial a Senior Community

Finally, if you are struggling with caring for your loved one you may want to look into respite care as a great way to trial out a senior community. Observing how your senior parent or loved one enjoys their short stay will help you judge if a senior community will be a good fit for them. Many people choose to place their loved on in respite care for a week or two so they can watch the staff interact with their parent before placing them on a waitlist for the facility

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