Simple, Yet Effective, Exercises for Knee Pain


Knee pain is a rather common problem, which may arise from any the knee bony structures, including the patella (kneecap) and the knee joint (tibia, femur and fibula). The pain may also be arising from the cartilages and ligaments of the knee. This problem affects people across all age groups and can turn out to be an inconvenience, if not well taken care of. Whether localised or diffuse, knee pain can be caused by a medical condition or an acute injury. In most cases, the pain is accompanied by a physical restriction of motion. The appropriate treatment for knees is mainly determined by the underlying cause of the pain. Among the most popular home remedies for this problem are knee strengthening exercises.


Such exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles, surrounding the knee joint. This will in turn decrease stress on the joint. As such, the exercises will not only help ease the pain in the knee, but also prevent knee injuries in the future. Mentioned here are some of the most popular knee exercises, which may be used to ease knee pain.

Chair Knee Extension

While seated in a chair, raise your foot to rest on another chair, positioned in front of you, such that the painful knee is slightly raised. Now press the raised knee downwards using leg muscles. Maintain this position for five to ten seconds and then release. You should repeat this about five times for each leg.

Hamstring Curl

While performing this exercise, you will need to stand in front of a wall or table, such that the front side of the thighs is in contact with the wall or table. Now flex any of the knees up to the highest comfortable point. Hold it in that position for about 10 seconds and then lower it slowly. Repeat this several times, alternating the knees after every cycle. For better results, you should avoid touching the floor between the repetitions. With this exercise, you should attempt to do between one and three sets, each comprising of between 12 and 15 repetitions. You may also use ankle weights to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Hamstring stretch

This exercise for knee pain is among the most popular and effective exercises for relieving knee pain. While standing in an upright posture, place one foot in front of the other and keep the toes up. You can either place your hands on the back or hold on to a chair with one hand for support. Now bend the opposite hip and knee until you experience the hamstring stretch. Hold in this position for about eight seconds and then release. While doing this, you should avoid moving the lower back. Repeat this about five times on each leg.

Wall slide

With your back leaning against a wall, bend one of the knees to make an angle of about 30°. While making this angle, slide down the wall and then rise to the starting position. While performing this exercise, you should keep the legs and feet parallel to each other and place your hands on the wall for balance. Repeat the procedure five to ten times with each knee.

Though simple, these are some of the most effective exercises in relieving knee pain. While performing any of these exercises, you should avoid bending the legs to the point where the knees will stick out past the toes.

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