The Best Care & Maintenance Tips for Your Rebounder Trampoline


Trampolines have, for a long time, provided families that have them endless fun and happiness. Provided you know how to use these fantastic tools, and do so appropriately, you’ll be good to go. Then again, even the best Rebounder Trampoline is susceptible to wear and tear and other forms of damage if not properly cared for and maintained. If you can care for and maintain your trampoline properly, then it will last you for an extended period, even a lifetime.

The good news is that trampoline care and maintenance practices are relatively simple. You don’t have to stress about too much about what to do and what not to do. Most Rebounder Trampoline manufacturers also include maintenance instructions with their trampolines to make your work even simpler. You only need to stick to the instructions provided by your manufacturer, and you should be set to use your trampoline for some many decades.

Consider these simple care and maintenance tips that you can use to keep your trampoline in pristine condition for an extended period.

  1. Proper placement

Reading about it may make you think that this is a trivial trampoline maintenance practice. However, it is a crucial one. Placing your trampoline in a strategic position is essential if you want to have it looking like new for many years.

If possible, then you want to have your trampoline in a shady spot. Remember, you also want to protect it from UV rays which can also damage it. Only make sure that there aren’t any low-lying branches or other objects that can make your jumping unsafe. Also, you might want to note that keeping your trampoline under a tree can make cleaning it a tedious process. The fall and winter months can be especially hectic to pick up after fallen tree leaves, branches, and other debris.

Also, remember to place your trampoline a reasonable distance from any outdoor fire. You don’t want your trampoline to catch fire or end up being damaged from any excess heat.

  1. Keep your trampoline clean

You also want to always clean your trampoline clean at all times to prolong its life. Cleaning your trampoline is one of the most basic things and service you can do to yourself and the trampoline itself. Trampolines are prone to attract a lot of dirt and debris. If left unattended to, there is a high likelihood that the dirt and debris will find its way onto your mat and damage it. Debris can also find its way into the springs of your trampoline and damage them as well. It may also significantly reduce the efficiency of your trampoline.

To curb this, you can use clean soap, water, and some soft bristles to clean your Rebounder Trampoline. The cleaning process is simple and easy. All you can do is spray down your trampoline with plain water to clean any dirty surfaces using soap and a soft brush. Afterward, ensure you properly rinse the trampoline using clean water. Then, dry it thoroughly using a clean piece of cloth.

It best that you clean your trampoline on a warm, dry season to help it dry faster. Remember, even as you clean your trampoline, you also don’t want it to catch any rust. This can only add to your list of problems and make your trampoline unfit for use.

  1. Check your trampoline regularly

It is also essential that you always check your trampoline regularly. This enables you to detect and prevent any accidents or injuries from happening while using the trampoline. Also, checking your trampoline regularly helps to prolong its life. In that, you can then detect any impending issue and address it early.

Checking your trampoline early enables you to detect any:

  • Fabric or stitching deterioration
  • Wear and tear, tension, or sagging issues on your jump mat
  • The condition of your frame conditions
  • Damage to the jumping mat
  • Excessive damage or stretching of your springs

Winterizing your trampoline

At times, you may have plans on using your trampoline in the winter periods, but the weather might not be favorable. Luckily, there are a couple of things that you can also do to your trampoline to make it usable during winter. Just as there are ways of safely storing it away until the summer periods.

In case you don’t intend to use your trampoline during the winter periods, then you need to find a good place to store it away safely. The garage is usually an excellent storage spot for trampolines during the winter periods.

For maximum protection, you might want to purchase a cover for your trampoline. A covered trampoline can also stay outdoors even during the winter seasons. The cover protects your trampoline from dirt, debris, and other harsh winter weather conditions. When shopping for a trampoline, try and ensure you go for the trampolines with galvanized frames. Shop for trampolines whose frames are galvanized both inside and out of their frames.

If you intend to use your trampoline during the winter period, then you may need to have a soft bristle brush to remove any snow that will accumulate on top of the jumping mat. A good brush can also remove leaves and other debris from your trampoline. Thus, keep it in good shape for use. Never use a shovel or other sharp materials to remove snow or other debris from your jumping mat. These items can tear your mat and render it useless.

In any case, you will find the owner’s manual on how you can care for and maintain your trampoline even during the winter seasons. Most manufacturers galvanize their trampoline frames to make them rust-resistant. However, not all manufacturers do. So, ensure you know which features you are looking for in the trampoline you intend to buy. Also, some trampoline jumping mats have features to sustain extreme weather conditions than others.

Final thoughts

Caring for and maintain your Rebounder Trampoline isn’t an easy task. But neither is it a difficult one. You only need to know and use the proper care and maintenance instructions, and your trampoline should serve you for many years to come. You also won’t have to deal with continuous maintenance issues which can ramp up your trampoline’s maintenance costs.

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