The Right Oral Surgeon for Me in Tampa, Florida

Sitting in the dentist’s chair can be a daunting place to wait. You think you’ve done everything right, until he comes in to show you your x-rays saying something is wrong. Now you are being referred to an oral surgeon, and you have no idea what to expect or how to determine if the oral surgeon is high quality.

While living in Tampa, there are a few places that have the highest quality oral surgery Tampa can provide. According to WebMD, there are a number of reasons you might be needing to see an oral surgeon. Your dentist will have the necessary information to provide the oral surgeon, but it is important to note that an oral surgeon should provide any of the following, not your dentist.

Top reasons people seek an oral surgeon:

An oral surgeon can serve you in many ways, depending on your specific needs. The main reason is for impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth is one that is beneath the gum line and is not growing in properly. This can cause infections or issues with your other teeth, which is why an oral surgeon should extract them. Another reason is basic tooth removal. Often teeth need to be removed during the orthodontic process to ensure the patient has straight teeth. Tooth removal can also be done when more space is needed to place implants in your mouth. The last reason can be for root canals. This process is done if a the roots of a tooth have been damaged due to an infection or large cavity.

So, who is the best of the best in Tampa?

  • Theodore J. Grellner DDS, PA, featured on NBC, FOX, and ABC
  • Barry Craig Levine, D.M.D, F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D, practicing at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates
  • Tampa Bay Jaw and Facial Surgery, multiple oral surgeons to choose from

*These are based on customer reviews within the last month.*

What to ask at your consultation?

  • What are your credentials? When did you last attend a training or update your credentials?
  • Do you have references or clients I can talk with about the care they received?
  • Are you licensed to provide quality anesthesia?

Based on the answers…What do I do now?

All too often, dentists complete oral surgery when they are not adequately trained and who suffers? You do. Ensuring you are using someone experienced in the field may cost you a little more, but having piece of mind is worth it. If your oral surgeon has answered your questions fully, you have been able to call their references, and you have done an overall search for ratings and reviews, you can now make an informed decision. Do not feel limited to the recommendation made by your dentist for who they think should perform your oral surgery. Remember, you deserve the best oral surgery Tampa can provide you with.

Keep in mind, oral surgery is a SURGERY. You would only want the best doctor performing any other type of surgery on you, so make sure your mouth is also a priority when choosing a surgeon.

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