Your Hair’s Best Buddy – Hair Curlers

hair curlers

Who does not want to look cool? The days when sleek hair was pulled into a bun or stylishly plaited have departed.  The beach bravura is the style to watch out for. Models love exhibiting this look as these curls make them look smoking hot. So shouldn’t we try this look too? Read further to know the tricks on how to choose the best hair curler for you!

hair curlers

Choose your Style:

One must choose the style they want to wear before knowing how to choose the best hair curler. Curls tend to look amazing when done the right way for the right face. Beach curls are the loose ones that give you a more adventurous and naughty look while the tight curls replicate an elegant look that makes you look more womanly. If one wants the curls to be the same size throughout, opt for a straight rod curler. Else, for narrow curls towards the end, one can select the cone-shaped wands.

Curler size and heat level:

It is important to choose the hair curler that suits your hair. Our hairstyle expresses our lifestyle, and we must pick the right tools for it. If you want to boast your curls the beachy way, then choose a curler with rods that are 1 or 2 inches in diameter. For tighter curls, pick the one with drum size about .75 to 1 inch diameter. It gives neat, tighter and smaller curls.

The next important factor that you must look upon is the heating capacity of your curler. It is always best to have a curler with variable heat settings. This will help in protecting your hair from overheat. If you have cracked or frail hair, it is advised to take low heat curlers. For thicker hair, higher temperature would be fine.  However, make sure you never exceed the 400 degrees mark since that can cause grave damages to your hair.

Curler Material:

Just as we take care in sporting our look, we must take care in selecting the tool used to create them. Curlers come in various materials that may suit a particular style and hair. The commonly used curlers are made of ceramic or tourmaline. These are preferred by professional stylists since they tend to protect the hair and make the user look fabulous. The gold or titanium irons also serve the purpose, but can make your hair frizzy. There are cheaper chromium curlers too, but they barely have any result and can have damaging effects on the hair.

Other features to look out for in your curling wands would include the length of the cord. Make sure it isn’t too long or short since they can hamper your curling experience. Check out the guarantee period and conditions of the curler too. One wouldn’t want to buy unreliable products. Check out for curlers with switchable barrels if you want to keep changing your look. So now that it is clear on how to choose the best hair curler, rush to stores to own one!

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